Car transport company, car collection and delivery service with nationwide coverage. New car, used car, classic car and race car transporter service.







WeMoveCars Car Transport Service Includes:-

  • Film, television & photographic shoot vehicle transport
  • Imported vehicle collection & delivery from UK ports
  • Owners Club transfers to & from shows
  • Customer collection & delivery
  • Auction collection and delivery
  • Worldwide vehicle shipping
  • Lease delivery & collection
  • Race & rally car transport
  • Classic car transport
  • Dealership transfers
  • Track day transport
  • Fleet services
  • Techart Magnum - based on a Porsche Cayenne Turbo. 600+ bhp, looks that frighten children and an exhaust note that easily confuses seismologists...



Prices start from just 90 plus VAT, are based on mileage and agreed prior to movement.

We can arrange worldwide shipping for your car from the UK to most major ports around the world. Depending on destination, this will be either by container or where available, roll on - roll off (Ro-Ro) ferry




Mercedes-Benz SLR  McLaren & Ferrari F430 F1 Spider. High value load fully insured through our bespoke policy.










Copyright  2001-2012 WeMoveCars. All rights are reserved.

Copyright © 2001-2014 WeMoveCars.
All rights are reserved.